bảng giá nhà xưởng 70m x 117m= 9.750.000.000 đồng ( để xem chi tiét báo giá, quý khách tải bản vẽ nhà xưởng và báo giá nhà xưởng về tham khảo ) giá THÁNG 02 -2024

Code: 3740
9,750,000,000 đ/XƯỞNG
CONSTRUCTION OF FACTORY 70m x 117m 1- Main boundary column: 28 CK- I-750x250x8x12 2- Middle column: 14 CK - I-750x250x5x12 3- Gable column: 300x165x4x6-16 CK, Gable truss frame 300x150x4x5: 4CK 4- Main betting frame: 12 CK- (Section 1: I-(1000-500)x214x6x8 ), Section 2 +3: I-750x250x6x10, Section 4: I-(750-1000-750)x250x8x12 5- Square braced frame 150x150x3ly 6- Horizontal bracing frame for rolling door 300x150x6.5x9ly 7- Roof purlin Z - 200X62X68X 2 LY 8- Wind roof purlin C-180x65x1.8ly 9- Building a chair C150x50x1.8 10- 5 zem skiplock square wave plated roofing panels 11- 4 zem square wave plated wall panels 12- Drain pipe Þ140 (BINH MINH PLASTIC) 13- GLAZED corrugated iron door =, 1x 4m = 13 sets 14- CANOPY Roof = 2.x 9m = 8 sets FACTORY PRICE WARRANTY FEBRUARY 2024 (to see detailed quotation, please download the ACAD FACTORY drawing, PDF factory drawing and factory price quote for reference). (factory price list 7mm x 117m = 9,750,000,000 VND - including steel frame with corrugated iron roofing and complete installation, excluding construction parts such as: foundation, foundation, wall construction, drainage system) - Please do not hesitate to call us at 0944347779 (TRI) for advice - for reference before building a warehouse or factory, for price reference we will provide accurate drawings and estimates. according to the price, looking forward to serving you
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