bảng giá nhà xưởng 38m x 92m=đồng ( để xem chi tiét báo giá, quý khách tải bản vẽ nhà xưởng và báo giá nhà xưởng về tham khảo ) giá THÁNG 01 -2024

Code: 3743
4,041,002,737 đ/XƯỞNG
1- Main column: 22CK-I:(900-300)x248x8x12) 2- Main rafter frame: 22 CK- Section 1: I-(900-616)x212x6x12), Section 2: I-600x184x5x12, I-(616-800)x184x5x8 3- Gable truss: 4CK- I-200x148x5x6, 4- Bracing frame + bracing column 260x 148x 5x6: 7CK 5- FLOOR roof truss 38m x 8m- I-150x125x5x7& I-520x 212x 6x 12ly 6- Floor column 322x 220x 6x12: 8CK 7- Purlin Z-180x62x68x2ly 8- V50X50X5LY GIANG XA GO 9- 4.5zem square wave plated roofing sheet 10- 4.5zem square wave plated wall tiles 11- Drain pipe Þ140 (BINH MINH PLASTIC) 12- Rolling door 13- CANOPY Roof 14- Roof of the wind FACTORY PRICE WARRANTY IN JANUARY 2024 (to see detailed quotation, please download the ACAD FACTORY drawing, PDF factory drawing and factory price quote for reference). (factory price list 38mm x 92m = 4,041,002,737 VND - including steel frame with corrugated iron roofing and complete installation, excluding construction parts such as: foundation, foundation, wall construction, drainage system)
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