nhà xưởng 12m x 80m HOÀN THIỆN 2.645.410.547 đồng ( để xem chi tiét báo giá, quý khách tải bản vẽ và dự toán báo giá nhà xưởng về tham khảo ) giá THÁNG 2 -2024

Code: 3742
2,645,410,547 đ/XƯỞNG
CONSTRUCTION OF FACTORY 12m x 80m 1- Boundary column: 24CK I: (300x150x6.5x9) 6m high 2- Gable column: 4CK(200x100x5.5x8) 3- Gable steel truss frame: I-200x100x 5x8= 4 CK 4- Main steel truss frame I-(300X150X6,5X9 : 24 CK 5- STREET: I-200X100X5,5X8 6- Roof purlin C-150x50x20x1.8 7- Wall purlin C-125x50x20x1.6 8- 4.5 zem square wave plated roof tiles 9- Insulate air bags (cat walls) 10- 4 zem gable wall panels 11- Gutter tole 4.5 zem 12- Drain pipe Þ90 13- Concrete base 100mm thick with stone 1x 2 MAC 250 smooth surface + HILEDER green surface surface 14- Build a wall 200mm thick and spray paint 2m high FACTORY PRICE WARRANTY IN JANUARY 2024 (to see detailed quotation, please download the ACAD FACTORY drawing, PDF factory drawing and factory price quote for reference). (factory price list 12mm x 80m = 2,645,410,547 VND - including steel frame with corrugated iron roofing and complete erection, construction parts such as: foundation, foundation, wall construction, drainage system) - Please do not hesitate to call us at 0944347779 (TRI) for advice - for reference before building a warehouse or factory, for price reference we will provide accurate drawings and estimates. according to the price, looking forward to serving you
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