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Bringing together the advantages of digital technology with film-style operability, the F35 expands the “production toolset” available for high-end digital cinema and prime time program production both today and tomorrow. The new F35 digital cinematography camera offers a Super 35mm-sized CCD sensor and PL lens mount for cinematographers who have passion for 35mm film lenses. The F35's newly developed Super 35mm-sized CCD sensor provides breathtaking picture quality, an extensive range of depth-of-field controls, dynamic range, and F23-equivalent wide color gamut. The PL lens mount of the F35 allows flexible use of the vast majority of 35mm cinema lenses, which greatly expands creative possibilities. 
\r\nThe F35 is designed with the same platform as the F23, providing similar capabilities such as SR Motion and over- and under-crank. The F35 also provides an ergonomic design that allows direct docking with Sony's SRW-1 portable HDCAM-SR™ recorder. It's also possible to use an F23 and the new F35 in combination, for even more creative freedom.



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